We specialized in photos for the web and event photography. This include possibility of the creation light digital videos and montage for web or social media platforms to reach as much audience and boost your following. Also, we provide support photo montage and video edition.

Web Photos
Our web photos are compressed and setup to provide easy download for viewers and customers. We will organize them and add the information necessary for you to store them and find them easily afterwards.

Event Photos
Our teams uses DLSR, P&S and other accessories to be able to capture the best moments in any conditions.

Expand your market by selling your goods online locally or internationally.
The setup can either be on a HTML or CMS depending on your needs which includes product sorting, tax and country payment gateway. All the prices will be set in Canadian currency except upon special request.

Technology is always evolving and web design as well..
This is why to be conscious about the users needs is mandatory. The vision that responsive web design is the next stage of flexibility that web has to offer. The users are more demanding in enhancing their web experiences and be eased on accessibility. The users are more demanding in enhancing their web experiences and be eased on accessibility.